Nord-Sud Shipping – U.S. Vessel Agents

Nord-Sud Shipping – U.S. Vessel Agents

Nord-Sud Shipping is a U.S. Gulf Vessel Agency headquartered in Lutcher, Louisiana. We offer a full array of vessel agency services covering a multitude of bulk, liquid, breakbulk, and project cargoes. In order to learn more about Nord-Sud Shipping, please visit our “Shipping” & “Offshore” sections to discover more about the services we can provide for you and your company. In addition, we are pleased to offer up-to-date information regarding ports of coverage, relevant terminal information, river & port statuses and conditions, local tariffs, and industry notices and updates.

You may also specifically reach a regional office or any member of our team directly through the “Contact” page.


Nord-Sud Shipping handles all in-port vessel calls, offshore lighterings, husbandry and owners items as vessel agency
services. We also handle all Offshore E & P Customs Compliance issues as well as ship yard calls, modification, mobilizations, and demobilizations.

From start to finish, we strive to ensure that our customers receive superior service at a reasonable rate.


Nord-Sud Shipping personally handles all U.S. Gulf ports between Panama City, Florida and Corpus Christi, Texas in-house through our three offices located in Houston, Texas, Lutcher, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. The remainder of the United States East Coast and West Coast port business will be conducted by qualified and reliable agents through Nord-Sud Shipping’s strategic partnership agreements.


Nord-Sud Shipping operates under the philosophy “we’re only as good as our last ship.” This philosophy results in the
commitment to our service, our reputation, and ourselves…and that is the cornerstone of our business practice.
We strive to give our customers the best service and satisfaction “every ship, every time.”

Here at Nord-Sud Shipping, we are Servicing the U.S. Gulf…and Beyond…